Welcome to Our Website!

It was while doing the research for our walks that I came across the concept of writing a journal or diary of the experience. Reading them gave me a great understanding of what the walk was about, and the personal nature, in the way they were written, gave them an added dimension. So much can be gleaned from them, in a way that photographs alone or a guide book cannot do. I decided to write my own account of our walks, just for my own benefit, but over time my wife suggested that I should make them available to The World, The Universe and beyond.........!

In common with everyone else’s journal, they are personal. What we went through, what we felt at the time, an honest and true account of our walks. I hope you like them, warts and all. I hope that they may be an inspiration to others who are planning their own adventure or a reminder of times past for those that went before and blazed a trail, for us to follow.